Doing Fieldwork on Fermented Foods in the World

(Mar.22-Sep.24, 2022, Nagoya University Museum)

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Greetings to Our Visitors

Introduction. Humankind and fermented foods*

[Part 1] Chapter 1. People addicted to sourness: Breads in Ethiopia*

[Part 1] Chapter 2. Sustaining life with liquor as a meal: Peoples of Nepal and Ethiopia*

[Part 2] Chapter 3. Fermented milk processing and its use by pastoralists

[Part 2] Chapter 4. Inter-ethnic contact and acceptance of fermented fish foods: A case study on the peripheral region of Cambodia

[Part 3] Chapter 5. Tastes changing through modernization and globalization: Seasoning culture in Thailand*

[Part 3] Chapter 6. The science of padaek, a taste of Laos

[Part 3] Chapter 7. Is natto a side-dish or a seasoning? A Cross-regional comparison of Natto in Japan and Southeast Asia

[Part 4] Chapter 8. A “chewing tea” culture and how it has changed in Northern Thailand*

[Part 4] Chapter 9. Mongolian fermented mare's milk "Airag"

[Part 4] Chapter 10. Why are chili peppers originally from Americas used in rice fermentation starters in Southeast Asia?*

Conclusion. Toward the creation of a “fermented food field studies”*

Special Display 1. The Blessings of Yeast, “Mother of Fermentation”

Special Display 2. Natto and Bacillus subtilis (natto)

Special Display 3. Lactic Acid Bacteria (Microorganisms Fortifying Food)*

Special Display 4. Japan’s National Microbe “Koji Fungi” *

* The English title has slightly been changed from the panel.